Why The London Regeneration Makes For A Sound Property Investment

London’s landscape is changing drastically for the better.

Over the next few years, many areas in London will undergo urban regeneration to improve physical structures and economy.

Job openings will be boosted, crime rates will be reduced, education and health facilities will be enhanced, and homes will also be improved.

So why should property investors invest big in London’s regeneration?

What are the pros and cons that will affect your potential property purchase?

We’ll reveal all that, and more, in this article.

Firstly, let us explain a bit more about the regeneration process.


Creating Housing Demand Through Regeneration

Even though London is a first world city with a diverse population, living conditions in certain areas are less ideal than others.

Not to say that they’re completely uninhabitable. Just that they’re lacking in certain key criteria in terms of economic, social, environment and physical conditions.

Simply put, regenerating an area means improving those conditions.

A successful regeneration will result in more supply and demand for homes. Prices will naturally increase because of this market trend.

The London regeneration process is already underway. In the next 3-5 years, previously overlooked locations are poised to become property hotspots, attracting interest from both local and foreign investors.

To make it easier for you to understand the regeneration impact, let’s use Hendon, an area in West London, as an example.

The Hendon Regeneration’s Effect On Property

The overall property price growth in Hendon has outstripped London’s average price growth by 30% from 2014 to 2019.

This is largely due to the delivery of 2,000 high-quality private and affordable homes, which are surrounded by improved open spaces, thriving businesses, a community centre and better roads.

Hendon has been rejuvenated by regeneration, and hundreds of new jobs have already been created during this process.

But Hendon is not quite done with regeneration yet.  The near future promises new schools, new shops and even more amenities.

Based on past data and conservative projections, properties in Hendon are set to increase exponentially in value when its regeneration is complete.


The Downside Of Regeneration

For property investors, London’s regeneration is a double-edged sword.

Invest early, secure a prime unit and you’re likely to profit massively.

Invest too late (or not at all), and this opportunity will pass you by.

Currently, many investors from all over the world have already staked their claim in Hendon, as well as other parts of London.

While there still remains several highly-investable properties on the market, they could be gone if fast action is not taken.

So even though regeneration is great for price appreciation, it has created fierce competition among investors looking to generate high ROI from their purchases.


Interested To Beat The Competition And Secure A Property In The Heart Of The Hendon Regeneration?


One Global Property Services, the region’s leading authority on UK property investment, will be holding a Hendon Property Exhibition on 17-18 October, featuring several high-gain Hendon projects.

This event is in collaboration with our exclusive partner Barratt Homes; one of the UK’s leading property developers.

Among the properties we’ll be featuring, and the one we’re most excited about, is Hendon Waterside.

Covering over 30 acres and encompassing over 2,000 homes, this majestic development is being hailed as the “crown jewel” of the new Hendon.

With parks, leisure facilities and beautiful green surroundings, Hendon Waterside is a project investors can’t afford to miss!

To RSVP your attendance for our Hendon Property Exhibition, and to find out more about Hendon Waterside plus the other projects on show, fill in your details below and we’ll see you on 17 or 18 October!*

Or register here: https://campaign.ogmeglobal.com/hendon-waterside 

*Due to safe distancing measures, this exhibition is strictly by appointment only.

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