What Exactly Is “London Zone 4” And Why Property Investors Should Pay Attention

In London, fare zones are used to segregate the capitol into 6 distinct areas.

Zone 1 covers central London, while zones 2-6 form concentric areas around it.

Traditionally, due to its more centralized location, Zone 1 has been the pick of the bunch when it comes to London properties.

In recent years however, the other zones have enjoyed a series of regeneration projects. Improvements in living conditions, amenities and transport have increased the demand for outer zone properties.

Coupled with lower prices compared to Zone 1 London, investors have begun snapping up value-for-money outer zone properties that had been previously overlooked.

This article will focus on the development of Zone 4 – a current hotbed for up-and-coming London properties.

The Unlikely Rise OF Zone 4


Think Zone 4, and images of a sleepy countryside with lush greenery aplenty comes to mind.

But do you know that the average travel time from Zone 4 to central London is only 33 minutes?

Because of improvements in the efficiency of London’s public transport, such as the overground network and the night tube, Zone 4 is now conveniently connected to other parts of the city.

The area has also undergone extensive developments such as town centre makeovers, sprawling entertainment hubs and rapid commercial growth.

Which means that after years of being written off as a “backwater town”, Zone 4 has emerged as one of London’s most livable areas.

Residents, both foreign and local, have also aided in this unlikely rise.

A desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre, not to mention the sky-high property prices in Zone 1, has escalated the need for homes in the outer zones.

This symbiotic demand-supply relationship has encouraged the rapid regeneration of Zone 4.

In summary, Zone 4 is no longer perceived as a backward area of London. It’s now viewed as a prime area for quality living, with convenience and comfort in massive supply.


What The Zone 4 Regeneration Means For Property Investors


What’s not to like about Zone 4 properties?

For one, the average cost is only £421,000, a whopping drop from Zone 1’s average of £1.2million!

Rental demand for Zone 4 properties is also on the up, especially among students.

Over 20 schools in the Hounslow area (part of Zone 4) are rated outstanding by Ofsted; the UK’s office for standards in education.

Some of these schools include prestigious universities like University College London, Imperial College London and the London School Of Economics.

Rental demand among students has skyrocketed in recent times due to this education boom in Zone 4.

And that’s not all! The regeneration of Zone 4 has yet to be fully complete.

In a few years’ time, when the full regeneration effect takes place, Zone 4 properties will definitely see a surge in value.

Conclusion – Zone 4 properties are highly investable because of the low entry price (compared to central London), high demand for rental and potential capital gain.

The Zone 4 Property To Watch


After a thorough research process, our team of specialists has identified one particular Zone 4 property to watch – High Street Quarter (HSQ).

Termed as the “crown jewel” of Hounslow, HSQ is a modern development just 10 minutes away from Heathrow airport.

It is located right in the heart of a public square with shops, restaurants and a cineworld multiplex.

With public transport and top schools all easily accessible, HSQ has already garnered lots of interest among savvy property investors.

If you’re keen to find out more about HSQ and other Zone 4 properties, fill in your details below, and our team will get back to you with all the info you need to make a smart property investment!

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