London’s Urban Regeneration – How It Impacts Property Investors

Now that the UK’s political scene has settled down, plans for London’s urban regeneration is going full steam ahead.

So what exactly does urban regeneration mean, and what happens to an area that undergoes this process?

Urban regeneration is a government-sanctioned plan to improve the physical structure and living conditions within a targeted area.

A successful regeneration can enhance the quality of homes, boost supply, enhance safety and provide better access to education and health facilities.

In short, urban regeneration makes the area a much better place to live in.

For property investors, this is worth taking note of. Because based on extensive research, results show that properties in planned regeneration areas have appreciated steadily in price.

This is happening even though for most locations, the regeneration process has not been complete. When the full effects of regeneration are seen within the next 2-4 years, it’s safe to conclude that prices will increase even further.

Capitalizing On The London Property Boom


On average, the areas in London going through regeneration have seen a 4.7% home price growth per annum.

Investors who purchased the right London property are enjoying the benefits; especially with other factors like the end of Brexit, attractive currency exchange rate and the new-found political stability will set to push up this number.

If you have not invested in a London property yet, is now still a good time to get in on the action?

In our opinion, the answer is a resounding yes!

Although the upswing has already started, there’s plenty of room for more price growth.

Based on our calculations, 2020 is an ideal time to capitalize on this London property boom.

This will allow sufficient time for the regeneration to work its magic, and give you a nice return on your investment within a few years.


3 London Regeneration Sites To Lookout For

1) Eastman Village

Home to the famous Kodak factory for 125 years, this landmark in Harrow is a prime residential development that will provide up to 2,000 new homes.

Offices, restaurants, cafes and shopping complexes will also be built around a posh landscaped park.

Eastman Village is just a short train ride to central London via Harold & Wealdstone or Harrow-On-The-Hill stations.

Investors can look forward to a higher class of tenants willing to fork out top dollar, in exchange for quality living.


2) Upton Gardens

Located in London’s Zone 3, Upton Gardens is a 6-minute stroll away from Upton Park station.

Its strategic location makes it a great choice for tenants looking for a well-connected home to all parts of London.

There are plenty of amenities on-site and nearby as well. The popular Stratford shopping and entertainment centre is within close proximity, while a café and community space will be built within the compound.

Investors are likely to receive tenant applications from different walks of life; from families who want a child-friendly neighborhood to professionals seeking abodes close to their work places.


3) Hayes Village

This landmark site in west London was formerly home to the Nestle factory. In its place, a brand-new development with 1,300 homes and lots of green spaces will be built.

Hayes Village is just 5 minutes away from Heathrow airport. Hayes And Harlington station is within walking distance, and the upcoming Elizabeth Line will give residents the ultimate ease in connectivity.

Nature lovers can get their outdoors fix at Cranford Park and Minet Country Park; both less than 10 minutes away.

Investors are projected to attract working professional tenants who want to escape the busy city life, yet remain easily connected to central London.


Keen To Find Out More About London’s Urban Regeneration?


These 3 developments are just the tip of the iceberg. London’s regeneration is happening on a grand scale, and fast action takers can cash in on this profitable trend.

There are many more areas either undergoing regeneration, or are scheduled to in the near future.

This means that high gain London properties are well and truly up for grabs!

If you want to find out more about the regenerative impact on the market, and access a comprehensive list of under-valued London properties, fill in your details below and we’ll send you everything you need to become a successful London property investor!

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