High Street Quarter (HSQ) – Invest In The “Crown Jewel” Of Hounslow At A Value-For-Money Price With Exponential Room For Capital Appreciation

With Brexit finally over, property analysts are predicting a one-year transition period for the UK property market.

During this adjustment period, strategic investments can net you under-valued UK properties that have the potential to appreciate significantly.

One of these “hidden gems” is HSQ. Located just 10 minutes from Heathrow Airport and a 5 minute walk to the vibrant Hounslow Central, this exciting development is central to the area’s regeneration plans.

So what exactly makes HSQ such a worthwhile investment? Are you eligible to invest? What’s the price of a unit?


HSQ’s Strategic Location – Convenience And Accessibility For Residents

As mentioned above, HSQ is just 10 minutes from Heathrow Airport and a 5 minute walk to Hounslow Central. This location advantage is sure to be a hit among tenants looking for ultimate convenience and accessibility!


Amenities Aplenty – Lots Of Entertainment, Culinary And Cultural Delights

HSQ will be built around a new public square with shops, restaurants and a cineworld multiplex. With amenities aplenty at their doorsteps, HSQ residents can enjoy quality living without the need for extensive travel.


The Spark In The Hounslow Regeneration – The Crown Jewel Of The Area

Several locations in London are undergoing a rejuvenation process, with Hounslow being one of them. HSQ is central to the improvement of the area, as its completion is set to bring in a crowd of tenants, businesses and investments.

This is good news for investors, who can expect HSQ to appreciate significantly in value once the rejuvenation process is complete.


The Education Extravaganza – Close To The World’s Top Universities

With over 20 schools in the area rated “outstanding” by Ofsted (the UK’s office for standards in education), experts are predicting that the bulk of tenants will consist of both local and foreign students.

Some of these schools include the world’s top universities like University College London, Imperial College London and the London School Of Economics.

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