The Top 3 Considerations When Selecting Your Overseas Investment Property

Buying an investment property, especially an overseas one, is never a simple process. We’re talking about a 6 or 7 figure transaction after all. There are many factors you need to consider, in order to make the best possible purchase for your investment objectives.  In this article, we’ve narrowed them down to 3 of the top considerations, using West London property as the guideline. And why West London? Because there’re a few highly investable properties in that hotspot at the moment (read the full article to discover our carefully curated shortlist).

4 Reasons To Invest In West London Property

If you’re considering making your first investment in UK property, look no further than West London. The area has all the attributes that first time buyers are looking for. It’s safe, secure and profitable. In fact, many seasoned property investors already have vested interests in West London. Thankfully, there’s still room in the West London property scene to accommodate more investors (for the time being). So let’s keep this simple. Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in West London property.

The White City Opportunity: An Investor’s Guide To Profitable West London Investment

The London property market is showing steely resolve despite the global pandemic. Prices have remained stable, and according to analysts, are set to rise in the coming year. This presents an opportunity for investors to capitalize and profit from the impending market upturn. Traditionally, central London is the go-to-location for investors. However, the ongoing regeneration has radically increased the purchase potential of properties in outlying areas. One of them is White City located in West London (Zone 2). Here’s what you need know about the White City Opportunity.

What You Need To Know About London Property In 2020

Markets all around the world have been affected negatively in the short term. As far as the UK and London are concerned, citizens have had to live with the virus since February 2020. At this point of writing, it’s been 5 long and arduous months battling this invisible enemy.

The 2020 UK COVID Bargain – 3 Areas Other Than London To Find Affordable Properties

London is traditionally the most popular location for UK property investors. The high number of available tenants, potential capital appreciation and abundance of amenities allowed London to rise above other areas in terms of property sales. In fact, many London investors have already diversified by purchasing property in other UK locations. To help you with make the most of a bad situation, here are 3 alternative locations to lookout for.

Why You Should Buy A UK Property During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is currently being ravaged by COVID-19. Chances are wherever you’re reading this, your country and daily habits have been negatively impacted by this global pandemic. Who has time to think about buying property now? While the safety of ourselves and our loved ones should always be top priority, it’s also worth keeping an eye out on UK property prices.